Thursday, May 27, 2010

Benjamin will be two months old in two weeks. He is growing so fast. He is now wearing his three month old clothes, weighs eleven pounds, and has a double chin. He's giggling more often now and always talks to you when you hold him. We also picked up a rattle for him this last week and he actually plays with it now.  It is so much for us to watch him grow and see all the changes he's going through. He has also recently learned to make new facial expressions, all of which are really funny. He is such a little man. We love him so much.

My Favorite

He looks so much like his Daddy :-)

His Angry Face

The Pouty Lip


  1. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!!!!!! I love his little balding head and funny facial expressions!!! Can't wait to see him and everyone else in a few months!!!!!!!

  2. Haha! He is so cute and funny! Those pics are awesome!! I definitely think we need to get together this coming week!! Call me! 503-984-7760 :)

  3. Hey Guys!
    Little Benny is adorable! We think about you guys SO much and are always wondering how little Ben is :) He is so cute, thanks for posting pictures! The more the better! He's a peach. Miss you guys!